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Avian Arts
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People often wonder “how does one get into bird Taxidermy”?  For me, it happened thirty-two years ago when a friend surprised me with a Christmas present.  That present would end up steering me on a path to what has become my life’s calling. 

My friend had mounted a pair of Woodducks for me that I had shot a few months earlier.  The minute I laid eyes on that mount, I was obsessed with learning how to mount birds.  Thirty-two years later and I’m still obsessed.

Over the course of my taxidermy career, I have ventured into a few other businesses.  However, each time I came back to what I was put here to do and that is mount birds. From the very beginning I had a burning desire to be good at this. I was determined to make my work look like a real living bird.  I tried to always be honest with myself when my taxidermy didn’t look like the birds I was looking at in photographs or the wild. I am a strong believer in quality over quantity.  That has always been my motto and always will be.  For this reason, I have never had employees and never will. I am the only person to touch any bird that comes into my shop.  I would be proud and humbled to bring that quality to any trophy bird mount.

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The Difference

Price, quality, and turnaround time are three huge components that make up any taxidermy business. We have all heard, “Hey I know a guy/girl who can mount your bird for $400 with a three month turn around and he/she is one of the best in the country.”  Price and turnaround time are great, but I will guarantee the quality will be nowhere near the best or even average.  It just does not work this way.

The top bird taxidermists who have low prices, have long turnaround time. These taxidermists want to take in every bird they can no matter how many they already have in their freezers. They know clients will wait and they don’t care.  Unfortunately, it is the customer who suffers.  

A world class bird mount with a turnaround of 8-10 months is going to cost more than the average mount. I really hate when I get past a 12-month turnaround time.  The only way I can remedy this is to take in less work. The only way to take in less work is to have higher prices than the average.  In conclusion, I am seeking clients who can tell the “difference” (world class work) and don’t mind paying  premium pricing to go with an 8-10 month turn around time to get their mounts back.

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The Difference
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