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Q- What is the process when I bring a bird into mount?

A-The first initial visit  is to get logged in and all federal paperwork filled out.   When your bird or birds are up for mounting, you will be contacted via email to discuss poses and habitat options.  Once these are determined,  a PayPal invoice will be sent with the balance due in full to begin work.  Any birds with the balance not paid within 30 days of the invoice sent  will be considered abandoned and disposed of. Mounts will be ready to pick up in 30-45 days from time of final payment. 

Q -Should I contact you to check on the status of my mount?

A -Calling to check on the status of your mount does not move you up in the order. This only takes time away from mounting birds in order to look up your order and reply back.  We are currently running at the standard 12 month turnaround.  If for some unforeseen circumstance were to arise, and the promised turnaround time would be missed, then you would be contacted.

Q- If I bring multiple birds can I get a discount?

A- Unfortunately, it takes the same amount of time to mount each bird.  We are fortunate enough to have a steady supply of work,  therefore we do not offer multiple bird discounts.

Q-How much do you charge?

A-Prices are located on this website under “Pricing.”

Q-Where are you located?

A-Address and map are located on this website under “Contact”

Q-What are your hours?

A-Call or message us to set up an appointment. During hunting season we are at the shop almost every day.

Q- Do you offer return crating and shipping?

A-Fortunately, we are located in such a highly populated, waterfowl rich area of the country that we have a surplus of work within the state of Texas.  We are a small shop and shipping around the country would not allow us the 12 month turnaround time to keep up with the demand.

Q- Can I ship birds to you and then pick them up when they are finished?

A-This is actually recommended to many of our clients.  It is very easy to ship frozen birds to be mounted.  It is as easy as dropping them off at your nearest FedEx or UPS store.  The birds typically  arrive the next day from anywhere in Texas without you having to pay next day air prices. Instructions for shipping are on the “shipping” page on this site.

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